Gamepad SetupLink

RetroArch is intented to be easily controlled with a gamepad.

Setting up a GamepadLink

XINPUT controllers should work out of the box. If the controller can be autoconfigured the OSD will inform you of the autoconfiguration event. We also include autoconf profiles for many popular controllers. However not all controllers have these autoconfigs, if this is your case follow this guide:


  • Navigate to Settings
  • Navigate to Input
  • Navigate to Input User 1 Binds
  • Select User 1 Bind All
  • Press the buttons as required


If you have several different controller types you may want to use the User 1 Save Autoconfig followed by User 1 Bind Default All options after binding in order to achieve hotplug functionality

Setting up controllers for multi-playerLink

If you want to set-up local multi-player with games that supports it:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Navigate to Input

Here you will find the option to set binds for multiple users, "Input User 1 Binds", "Input User 2 Binds" and so on.

So lets set-up User 1's controller:

  • Navigate to Input User 1 Binds
  • Select User 1 Device Index

From here using the left/right buttons, select which currently plugged-in controller will be assigned to what player. While here you should also bind the controls to this player by pressing them on the assigned controller, Select User 1 Bind All to do this.

After you finish, go back, select Input User 2 Binds and repeat for user 2.