Getting Started: Keyboard ControlsLink

RetroArch Keyboard Gameplay ControlsLink

User 1 Keyboard Default RetroPad Mapping User 1 Keyboard Default RetroPad Mapping
Up Arrow RetroPad Up Z RetroPad B
Down Arrow RetroPad Down X RetroPad A
Left Arrow RetroPad Left A RetroPad Y
Right Arrow RetroPad Right S RetoPad X
Q RetroPad L1 - -
W RetroPad R1 - -
Shift RetroPad Select - -
Enter RetroPad Start - -

Introduction to HotkeysLink

Hotkey binds can be configured at SettingsInput → 'Input Hotkey Binds'. If you map Enable Hotkeys to a key, it will require that key to be held in order to trigger any hotkeys. This can be useful in avoiding keyboard mapping conflicts between RetroArch and cores cores that use the keyboard for input. Hotkeys can also be mapped to RetroPad buttons.

RetroArch GUI and Core ControlsLink

Menu In-game
Key Action Key Action
Up Arrow Move cursor up F1 Menu toggle
Down Arrow Move cursor down F2 Save state
Left Arrow Move cursor left F4 Load state
Right Arrow Move cursor right F7 Increase current state slot
Page Up Scroll one page up F6 Decrease current state slot
Page Down Scroll one page down F8 Take screenshot
Enter Select Item F9 Mute
Backspace Return to the previous screen F12 Show on-screen keyboard
Shift Help F11 Grab mouse
Del Remove highlighted input bind + Volume Up
Space Reset to default - Volume Down
/ Search Spacebar Fast forward toggle
Esc Exit RetroArch L Fast forward hold
R Rewind O Movie record
P Pause P Frame advance
H Reset E Slow motion
M Next shader F Fullscreen toggle
N Previous shader F5 Switch GUI
I Netplay toggle play/spectate