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Introducing our mentors

We will list the potential mentors in this place. For now, if you have any questions, please contact the primary GSoC administrator:

Daniel De Matteis ([email protected])

Nils Hasenbanck

Nils is a German developer that mainly works in frontend / auxiliary related systems for the libretro project. He’s currently working as a DevOp at a big german retailer and creates server systems, CI/CD pipelines and functional / performance tests.
He also has a big interest in hardware projects. You can have a quick look at his projects over at his Github account:

Daniel De Matteis

Daniel is a Dutch developer that has been the leader and maintainer of the Libretro/RetroArch project since its inception.
Most of his activity takes place on the various subrepos on our Github organization (, and work is spread out across the various repos, from core development to frontend development.

Hunter Kaller

Hunter Kaller is an American IT manager that mainly works in shader and video-related systems for the libretro project. He currently manages, designs and supports classroom audio/video at a mid-size public university.