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These are the things students are expected to do:

  • Check eligibility at
  • Introduce yourself to the community via our Discord page.
  • Either pick one of the ideas at the ideas page or bring your own project idea.
  • Show interest in the technology and the products by trying them out and asking questions. Some code on Github and/or a demo would be great.
  • Libretro/RetroArch expects students to make a non-trivial contribution before accepting the application. Trying to fix open bugs or working on issues
    with label "GoodFirstTask" is a good idea. You can check the Github repositories for the issues and bugs.

Technical competency

  • Students need to be fluent in C.
  • Students must have a basic understanding of debugging through tools like gdb, Visual Studio debugger, and/or lldb. Concepts like thread safety and memory management must not be foreign to the student.
  • Students need to have an elementary knowledge of Git and know how to collaborate on code through Github.

We recommend reading this great document to get some more tips for GSoC.