Downloading, Installing and Updating RetroArch

Microsoft Windows


First decide if you want a stable release or a nightly.

Stable release are here, Simply click on the lastest version, navigate to Windows, and then select the architecture of your computer.

The current nightly is here.

There are several files you can download in these folders. For a new installation you want RetroArch.7z or the setup package (RetroArch-20XX-XX-XX-setup.exe).

Both options provide you with the lastest RetroArch, the only difference is that one is a self extracting installer, and the other one an archive you have to extract manually. Both are portable installation which means the RetroArch setup is:
- It's self-contained
- It doesn't need users to guess random locations for configurations files
- It's easy to update by just replacing files


If you pick the 7z archive package, extract it in a folder that doesn't require administrator permissions such as C:\Users\yourusername\RetroArch. Don't extract it to Program Files or your Windows folder.


You can update the installation by downloading the latest 20XX-XX-XX-RetroArch.7z package and overwriting the executable.

If you pick the installer package we recommend to use the default location, follow the installation steps and you should be good to go. You can update the installer version by downloading the latest version and re-running the installer.


If you were running a stable release prior to 1.4.0. you will need to update the system libraries. You can do so by downloading the full RetroArch.7z package or redist.7z from the download locations.