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Facebook Portal is a device that allows you to have video calls with friends and family using Facebook Messenger. It has a built-in camera and microphone, and it's designed to make video chatting easier and more convenient.

Now, if you want to use Facebook Portal for running RetroArch, we need to do a little tweaking. RetroArch is an emulator that allows you to play old video games on various platforms. While Facebook Portal is not specifically designed for gaming, it does have some capabilities that might make it possible.

To run RetroArch on Facebook Portal, you would need to use browser. Remember that running RetroArch on Facebook Portal might not provide the best gaming experience. The device is primarily designed for video calling and might not have the same performance or compatibility as dedicated gaming devices or computers. So, while it's possible to run RetroArch on Facebook Portal, it might not be the ideal setup for gaming purposes.

Running RetroArch on Facebook Portal

Portal is built on an open-source Android platform but we can't access the Google Play Store.

Sure! Here's a step-by-step guide to running RetroArch on Facebook Portal:

  1. Connect your controller: Start by connecting your controller to the Facebook Portal. You can do this by using via Bluetooth. Go to the settings, then Bluetooth settings. Put your controller into the Pairing mode. You will see your controller in the list.

  2. Open the web browser: On the Facebook Portal, locate the web browser app. It's usually represented by an icon that looks like a globe or compass. Tap on the icon to open the web browser.

  3. Visit In the web browser, enter the URL "" in the address bar. This website is the official RetroArch website.

  4. Select a core: On the RetroArch website, you'll find a list of cores. Choose the core that corresponds to the console you want to emulate.

  5. Run the homebrews: After selecting the core, go to the "Downloads" section under the main menu. Look for the homebrews available for the console you selected. Homebrews are unofficial games or software created by independent developers. Select the file and it will load.

Remember, running RetroArch on Facebook Portal might not offer the best gaming experience, as the device is primarily designed for video calling. So, manage your expectations accordingly, and have fun exploring the world of retro gaming!