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MAME (0.181-current) Development

Building libretro-mame

Build environement


  1. Install and configure the RetroArch msys2 build environment
  2. From the msys2 console, install python with the command pacman -S python

Clone the repository

git clone
cd mame

general make syntax

Build type Command
Complete build make -f Makefile.libretro -j$(nproc)
Arcade-only build make -f Makefile.libretro -j$(nproc) SUBTARGET=arcade
Softlist-only build make -f Makefile.libretro -j$(nproc) SUBTARGET=mess

Platform-specific make syntax

Platform Command
64-bit processors make -f Makefile.libretro -j$(nproc) PTR64=1

Building a previous version


If you want to build a previous version of MAME, begin by making sure that you can build the most recent version.

Once you have built the most recent version of MAME to establish that your build environment is complete, reset the contents of the repository to a clean state:

make clean
git reset --hard


These commands will delete any files in your mame subfolder that are not in the libretro/mame github repository.

checkout the previous version source

See the section "Commit hashes for previous versions" below to find the correct commit hash. For example, if you wish to build MAME 0.205, the corresponding commit hash is b691c38.

Use this commit hash and the git checkout command to roll back the source to your chosen version:

git checkout b691c38

Commit hashes for previous versions

Version Commit
mame0216 7cf10a3
mame0207 40fc339
mame0206 cf02fe3
mame0205 b691c38
mame0204 c6150e7
mame0203 b57a140
mame0202 856478f
mame0201 4dc302e
mame0200 ff19cd3
mame0199 f2e805a
mame0198 c5f6a62
mame0197 74293f8
mame0196 e8f2016
mame0195 e44e85b
mame0194 5be2496
mame0193 bf28b34
mame0192 d771f54
mame0191 a5db728
mame0190 f57574c
mame0189 2beedc5
mame0188 7b45ec1
mame0187 1d9648b
mame0186 e4c6cb1
mame0185 fe01a13
mame0184 7768128
mame0183 4ee22dc
mame0182 22c42ab
mame0181 3a1651e

Last update: 2024-05-17