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Downloading and Installing RetroArch for PlayStation Classic

You currently need the have a way to execute homebrew to run RetroArch on your PlayStation Classic.


  • FAT32 or exFat formatted USB2.0(some USB 3.0 are working as well)
  • USB needs to be renamed as "SONY"
:warning: DISCLAIMER
Project Eris made by ModMyClassic and RetroBoot made by u/genderbent, at RetroArch/LibRetro we all love community works. We think Project Eris and RetroBoot is as valuable for PlayStation Classic.
:warning: DISCLAIMER
The installation steps or dowloading file parts of the project may differ over time.

Downloading and installing

Project Eris version of RetroArch is built by the ModMyClassic team. It may have a different version than RetroArch's current version. As Project Eris is updated, the RetroArch it contains may be close to the current version.


These two versions may contain different contents from each other. While the main purpose of Project Eris may be the Ultimate PlayStation Classic, RetroBoot runs RetroArch directly.

Project Eris

You can download a bundle with RetroArch, all the supported cores and all the assets by going ModMyClassic website in here. There will be few options for download, you may want to select Full Package in most cases.


You can find more details at u/genderbent's post down below.


Installation may sound complicated but it's not. Format your USB to exFat or FAT32 and rename as SONY. Transfer all files in Package to USB. Make sure your device fully power-off, you should remove power cable, then plug your USB to second port or use OTG cable then plug into power socket. Plug back power cable, you will see Power led will turn Amber then press power button. Follow on screen instruction if you use Project Eris, RetroBoot will boot directly RetroArch.