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Helping translation

As LibRetro, it is very important for us that RetroArch can be easily understood by everyone. Using RetroArch in your own language will give you a better understanding of the options and will make you feel at home. Currently, RetroArch is in the process of being translated into 22 languages. We used to use a system that was not very complicated on GitHub. However, this scenario could be difficult for new users or users who did not use the development infrastructure. That's why we switched to Crowdin1.

What is Crowdin?

Crowdin is a closed-source cloud-based localization technology and services company. The tool has an Online Translation Editor, where texts can be translated and proofread by linguists. It's free to use.

How to register

First you need to create Crowdin account in here. After creating your Crowdin account, you can start translating.


You can reach the project page of RetroArch by clicking here. You can either join the project and make translations or you don't join the project but still make translations. But if you join the project, you will be informed about the changes and development, also you can display RetroArch project on your profile and you can connect quickly. You can join the project by clicking the Join button at the top right.

Join the Project

After clicking the language you want to translate, the string file will welcome you. After clicking the file from here, you will see the translation page.

This screen may scare you at first, but don't worry, it's actually a very simple process. You will see untranslated or translated titles in the left menu. After clicking on any title, you will see the source string, that is, the main term, and below you will have your space to translate to your language. After making your translation, click Save and you will have sent your translation. It's that simple.

Translate main screen


If you want to proofreading translations other than voting, you will need a separate authority for this. I kindly ask you to write to me via Discord gadsby#6752 so that we can discuss to provide this authorization.

  1. RetroArch or Libretro is not affiliated in any way with Crowdin. 

Last update: 2020-07-06
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