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Importing Content


This guide assumes that you already have obtained the content legally, RetroArch does not provide users with copyright content.

This guide uses the "scan" functionality to import your games into RetroArch's playlists sorted by console. The scan is recursive so you can organise your collection into sub-folders or potentially scan your whole computer.

Step 1: Download database

In order to have RetroArch recognise your games, you need to have a database of all the titles.

From the RetroArch main menu select "Online Updater", then choose "Update Databases"

Wait for this to finish downloading

Step 2: Scan and import

From the RetroArch Main Menu navigate to "Import content". You will be met by three options, "Scan Directory" , "Scan File" and "Manual Scan".

1) Scan Directory: for importing a collection of Contents. Using the file browser, navigate to the folder of the Content collection and select "Scan This Directory".

2) Scan File: for importing a single file. Navigate to file and select it.

3) Manual Scan: it scans based on content file names and does not require content to match the database.

Please be patient while it scans, large collections could take a few minutes.

Step 3: Add box art

This is optional, but some games have box art that can make the menu more prettier, head back to the main menu, select "Online Updater", then choose "Playlist Thumbnails Updater". Here you need to select the console you want to download.

Please be patient, these take quite some time to download, especially on a slow internet connection.

Last update: 2023-01-23