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Downloading and Installing RetroArch for PlayStation Portable

You currently need the have custom firmware(PRO-C) to run RetroArch on your PlayStation Portable. Hardware or software changes on your device may damage your device. PRO-C must be running before running RetroArch, if you run RetroArch before running PRO-C, data corrupt error will occur.


This is probably the most straightforward way to install RetroArch.

  • Pro CFW(latest version)1

Downloading, Installing and Updating

At this time we can only use the Stable version of 1.9.0, this will be improved in the future.


You can download a bundle with RetroArch, all the supported cores and all the assets by clicking here.


Installation is also very simple. Just create RetroArch folder under PSP/Game directory and transfer the archive files to the PSP/Game/RetroArch then go to Memory Stick™ under Game press X and first or last application is must be RetroArch.


Download the latest version and unzip it into 'PSP/Game/RetroArch'. Accept when prompted to overwrite.