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Downloading and Installing RetroArch for PlayStation Portable

You currently need to have a custom firmware called PRO-C to run RetroArch on your PlayStation Portable. Hardware or software changes on your device may damage your device. PRO-C must be running before running RetroArch, if you run RetroArch before running PRO-C, the device will say the executable is corrupted..


  • Pro CFW(latest version)1

Downloading, Installing and Updating


You can download a bundle with the Stable version of RetroArch, all the supported cores and all the assets by clicking here. You can download the Nightly version of RetroArch with all the same extras by clicking here.


Nightly builds will give you the latest development changes. This is sometimes unstable! We will use the Stable version for this guide.


Installation is also very simple. Just create a RetroArch folder under PSP/Game directory on your Memory Stick and transfer the archive files to the PSP/Game/RetroArch folder, then go to Memory Stick™ under Game press X, and then select RetroArch. Press X again to open.


Download the latest version and extract it into 'PSP/Game/RetroArch' on the Memory Stick. Accept when prompted to overwrite.

Last update: 2024-05-17