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Libretro open source bounties

What is an Open Source Bounty?

Bounties are usually offered as an incentive for fixing software bugs or implementing minor features. Bounty driven development is one of the Business models for open-source software. The compensation offered for an open-source bounty is usually small. Source: Wikipedia

Stages of the bounty process

  1. Users fund bounties on open github issues or feature requests they want to see addressed.
  2. Developers create solutions which closes the issues and claim the corresponding bounties on Bountysource.
  3. Backers can accept or reject the claims.
  4. If accepted, Bountysource pays the bounties to the developer.

What is Bountysource?

Bountysource is a funding platform for open-source software which allows users and developers to create bounties from any existing github issue. Libretro has no formal partnership with Bountysource and there is no requirement to use the Bountysource service.

Who can post a bounty?

Anybody with PayPal, Bitcoin, or funds in a Bountysource account (such as earning money from a previous bounty).

What does it cost to post a bounty?

There are no fees associated with posting a bounty. For example, to post a $5 bounty, you will be charged $5. For a $500 bounty, you will be charged $500.

Do I have to be affiliated with libretro in order to put a bounty on an issue?

No. Anybody can put a bounty on any issue, regardless of their relationship with the project.

Do I have to be affiliated libretro in order to claim a bounty on an issue?


Can several people claim the same bounty?

Yes. When there are multiple claims on a bounty, the people who funded the bounty decide which of the solutions gets the bounty.

When a bounty claim is submitted by a developer, the claim is put into a two week verification period. Backers are notified by email and can then accept or reject the claim.

  • If all Backers vote to accept the claim, it is processed immediately and the developer is awarded the bounty.
  • If any Backer fails to accept the claim, it remains in the two week waiting period.
  • If any Backer has an issue with the claim, they can reject it. Claims cannot be paid out until the dispute is resolved and the rejected status is lifted.

Further Bountysource information

You can find a more comprehensive version of this information and more directly from Bountysource.