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Sega Dreamcast Core Compatibility


General FlyCast Issues

  • The date and time do not seem to get properly saved, as the system will ask you to set the clock every time you start.
  • Once you save to a VMU slot with any game, that VMU becomes inaccessible the next time you load the emulator.
  • Polygon/Alpha sorting issues can make objects appear distorted in regular Flycast core. Use Per-Pixel Alpha sorting if you want complete/accurate emulation instead.
  • When using an Xbox 360 Controller, analog triggers don't work properly. Use the bumpers instead.
  • Changing games without closing and reloading RetroArch often leads to RetroArch crashing.
Game Issue
Sonic Adventure (PAL) Must be set to use "VGA" output in core options, as "TV" mode will cause all subsequent FMV to make RetroArch become unresponsive.
The Typing of the Dead (NTSC-J) Must have real BIOS for kanji, hiragana, and katakana to show up since HLE BIOS only has US/ASCII characters.

Last update: 2024-05-17